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What is the material of packing tape?


Nowadays, the use of packing tapes is getting wider and wider, but many people are very curious about the materials of packing tapes. The following materials will be answered by Yichang packing tape suppliers.

Material for packing tape

Packing tape is also called bopp tape, packing tape, etc. It is based on BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film and is evenly coated with pressure sensitive latex to form 8μm-28μm. The rubber layer is an indispensable item in the life of light industrial enterprises, companies and individuals. There is no perfect tape industry standard in the country. There is only one industry standard "QB/T2422-1998BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for sealing" after the high-pressure corona treatment of the original BOPP film, one side is rough, the glue is coated on the top to form the mother roll, and then cut into different by the slitter A small roll of specifications. This is the pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion of the packing tape we use every day. The main ingredient is butyl ester.

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Production process of packing tape

First of all, there are two kinds of transparent tape: one is to process the master rolls of large companies, you need to buy a slitter; the second is to buy a coating machine to apply glue, and then you need to buy opp film and water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Come back to process. Of course, there are some accessories, such as paper tubes, cartons, arrow signs, etc.

Secondly, the specific method has several steps.

First, purchase packing tape, the required raw materials are roughly as follows: acrylic acid, polypropylene film; then add glue and acrylic acid to the emulsification tank for emulsification, after emulsification, acrylic acid reacts, and then make the reactant into glue in the reaction kettle. Then carry on the coating treatment, process the polypropylene film, and simultaneously print the pattern, text, customer logo, etc., so that the produced packing tape is beautiful and generous, and the promotion effect is promoted to achieve the promotion effect.

Third, the glue and tape of the packing tape are then glued through the tape applicator, at which time the semi-finished product is called the "master roll". The slitting process is mainly to install the blade clamp of the specifications you want to cut, and make the main roller and blade. Adjust the tube puller and adjust the position of the paper tube on the reel. Pull the parent roll along multiple axes, lower the knife holder, press the packing tape into the paper tube, adjust the counter, and then start producing the finished product.

Fourth, there is another step is to pack tape packaging. The packaging requires small size, good fixation, stable storage, and conforms to standardized requirements. The appropriate packaging technology and packaging method should be selected according to the requirements of product protection strength, ease of use, and easy mechanical handling and transportation. The products or materials for packing tape should be placed in a flat and accurate quantity in the packaging, and mistakes or leaks are strictly prohibited.

What is the material of the packing tape introduced to you in the above text? There are various materials considered. The effect of different materials is different. When buying packing tape, the price is different. When people shop, they should pay more attention to cost performance. You should know after you read it.

How to choose packing tape

1. Smell the smell of packing tape

If the taste is very strong, there is a sour smell, the retention of this tape is very poor, especially in low temperature environments, it will basically crack on the carton. When the taste is stronger, the initial tack is still very sticky, but Soon, the glue surface will be dry and lose its adhesiveness. At that time, the surface of the packing tape was cracked because of uneven coating.

2. Looking at the brightness of the film, the generally inferior packing tapes are dark in color, the probability of this tape breaking is very high, and the strength is poor.

3. The thickness of the hand-feeling film and the tape that feels hard are generally inferior, and due to the film thickness, the actual number of meters will decrease. The films used for good packing tapes are relatively soft and have good elongation by hand.

4. Look at the color of the packing tape. The more transparent the packing tape is, the whiter the color and the less impurities in the tape to ensure normal adhesion. Tapes under 100 meters have a certain degree of transparency to see the paper tube. The yellow packing tape is to see if there are irregular white spots on the surface of the tape. The impurities or the dry marks of the glue that cannot be removed by hand are generally odorous.

5. Look at the paper tube of the packing tape: The packing tape of the thick paper tube is generally used to mislead consumption. The production of packing tape starts from abroad, so the inner diameter of the paper tube of the packing tape is uniform 7.6 cm, but the poor quality packing tape has done enough to the thickness of the paper tube, and this situation is caused by many consumptions. There is still a relationship. Many people think that the thicker the paper tube and the larger the outer ring, the more the packing tape will be rolled. It sounds correct when it sounds sharp. In fact, you can calculate it carefully? Let’s say use 3 mm paper Compared with the 7mm paper tube, if the thickness of the two tapes from the outer diameter of the paper tube to the edge of the tape is 1cm, we can use a mathematical formula to calculate the 7mm paper tube compared to the 3mm paper tube per 1 How many meters of tape can be used for packing tape?

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