Identify tape quality

by:YITAP     2020-07-30

many types of adhesive tape products wholesale, a lot of shoddy products on the market, is we need to polish eyes, so should be how to identify its quality?

if the tape is of good quality and is not smelly, if the smell is very smelly, it shows that it glue has gone bad. Can look at its surface is bright and bad the color of tape it won't too bright, this is because some manufacturers use more relatively inferior raw material. And see if it will be very fragile, general adhesive tape is not so easy to break, but if the tape of the membrane material is reworked material, although look is very thick, but it wasn't long before later, become very brittle, a tear is broken.

you can also see tape between tight tight, not a good quality adhesive tape, the use of the machine is also good, so also will be fit between tape and tape.

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