Pay attention to the safety of the medical adhesive tape is used

by:YITAP     2020-08-18

tape factory can produce a variety of adhesive tape products, and in the use of medical tape, must pay attention to safety.

in the family, such as wet as the injury acetanilide many commonly used medical adhesive instead of electrical insulating tape, to bind up the bare wire connection, actually this kind of practice is unsafe. According to tests, medical tape with electrical insulating tape, because of the different purposes, physical performance difference is very big, insulating tape heat, wet resistance can be high, not easy to aging; While medicine tape in insulation, heat wet resistance is poor. If people are not careful hit a leakage of medical adhesive, get an electric shock accident occurs, so don't use medical adhesive binding wire.

in order to avoid the happening of the accident, when binding wire in the family must use special insulating tape, this is the most safe.

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