Principle and application of the double sided tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-30

tape wholesale of double-sided tape, in production is generally based on paper, cloth, plastic film as the backing material, it is common for the application, we learn about the.

elastic pressure sensitive adhesives or resin type of substrate, adhesive evenly coated on the base material of pressure sensitive adhesive tape made of roller stripping paper of three parts. According to gel can be divided into solvent adhesive tapes, the emulsion adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive tape, roll of tape, glue with reaction. This tape is usually used in leather, name plate, stationery, electronics, automotive trim, shoes, paper, handicrafts paste orientation purposes. Hot melt adhesive double-sided adhesive stickers for stationery, office.

while oily double-sided adhesive tape is mainly used for leather, pearl cotton, sponge, shoes and products, so the different type, has a different application.

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