The paper introduces the application knowledge of anti-slip tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-13
Tape is our life indispensable products, including non-slip tape application range is very wide, the following is the professional knowledge of tape factory introduces the application of the anti-slip tape. First is the use of on the instrument, such as treasure skateboard, scooter, treadmills, exercise machine, lathe and press foot pedal, the bus channel cascade these places anti-slip tape can be used. Then, can also be used for touring, ships, trailer, truck, aircraft, stairs, large or small power devices. In addition, there are some places in often use non-slip tape, mainly including nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, hotels, kitchen, swimming pool, railway stations, subway, train station, wharf, bathroom, sports, fitness room, elevator entrance, freight yard and other places.
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