The performance characteristics of waterproof foam tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-08

tape wholesale of waterproof foam tape, with thin PE foam as the backing material, two sides low acid glue coated with excellent properties, processing is made and be become.

good ultra-thin waterproof foam tape, support and miniaturization of product, its waterproof also many, is to use an independent air hole structure, and shock absorption, high elasticity, good shock absorption, not easy deformation, shockproof buffer is an excellent choice. Its applicable temperature range, is not easy to react with chemical reagents; Electronic radiation crosslinking, avirulent insipidity, at the same time can also be covered in foam pet substrate to enhance the toughness of the material.

in addition, the waterproof foam tape high dimensional stability, high processing efficiency, and excellent heat resistance, flame retardant and weather resistance, and has a good application in many products.

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