To get rid of the different methods for viscose

by:YITAP     2020-09-03
In our daily life, will be applied to the tape, and adhesive tape on the viscose become our main rivals for clean, then we will follow the tape manufacturers together to learn about the different ways to remove. Alcohol to remove glue method, using soft cloth dips in small amounts of alcohol, stickers will become soft. At this moment you can only wash away the wind, wind on besmear glue mark, can wipe. Gasoline in addition to the glue, dip in with soft cloth, a small amount of gasoline is wiped, paint products cannot be used for soluble in gasoline. Using glue, in addition to the glue is not expensive, is used widely, the use effect is very good also. Here we tape manufacturer able to provide you with quality and reliable quality products, guarantee the quality of your usage, sincerely welcome your visit here.
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