How to carry out the anti-slip tape processing production

by:YITAP     2020-09-02
Made of hard durable carbonization silicon particles anti-slip tape to adhesive quickly, offers an excellent adhesion on the surface of many not easy adhesion. Adhesive tape factory summarizes specific machining process for you. Anti-slip tape used for double-sided adhesive coating process, when the double-sided adhesive tape from the coater is pulling out need to use the roller export, if no guide roller surface for special treatment, viscose and the roller will be adhesion and impact the production and quality of adhesive tape. Usually covered with low surface energy materials of the roller surface to prevent the occurrence of adhesion. Other anti-skid tape side coated with durability good adhesive, can firmly stick on export roller surface; The other side for the special low surface energy of rubber, can effectively prevent the adhesive for bonding effect. In the form of tape factory of tape, non-slip tape can be said to be known as one of the most hard material so far, we provide you with the most reliable products, we sincerely invite you to cooperation!
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