The application scope of different double sided tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-06

can be divided into oily the double-sided tape double-sided adhesive tape factory, water-based double-sided adhesive, hot melt adhesive tape, rolling type adhesive tape and reaction type adhesive tape these types, their purposes are different.

oily double-sided tape mainly can be used in leather goods, shoes products, such as pearl cotton and sponge stick on. Water-based double-sided tape is widely used for bonding, fixed and joint, etc. , mainly used for insulation, sound insulation materials such as fixed and electrical components, circuit boards and other electronic industrial applications. Hot melt double tape is mainly used for stickers, stationery, office, etc. And embroidered double-sided adhesive tape is mainly used in computer embroidery, etc.

all in all, double-sided tapes are widely used in leather, name plate, stationery, electronics, automotive edging fixed, handicrafts and paste orientation, shoe and USES such as paper.

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