The correct use of the knowledge of the insulating tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-19

in daily life, also will use the insulating tape, but the tape factory here reminds us that must use the right method.

first of all, in the use of insulating tape, pay attention to the joint should be put in mind, no burr smooth, otherwise before thread broken, should press gently with combination pliers, first round to the inlet pressure, then side, it will be a break in thread tapping disconnect. Then, in a dry place, if the joint should be wrapped with insulation first black tape 2 layer, then wrap plastic tape 2 layer, then stretched around two hundred percent, with insulation adhesive belt around 2 - 3 layers, the last two layers of plastic adhesive tape.

insulating tape to a certain extent, can ensure our lives safety, to ensure safety, to choose the high quality product, also want to use correctly.

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