The quality of the sealing tape how to identify

by:YITAP     2020-08-25

nowadays with the development of logistics packaging industry, packing tape has a very wide range of applications, can be used in a wide variety of goods of sealing, sealing and strapping, fixed tape wholesale manufacturer to remind the broad masses of users, in the choose and buy when should pay attention to identify the quality of the sealing tape. So how to judge the quality? By the small make up to sort out, found that there are many ways, the first tape is the basic function of the adhesive, so it is very important for the viscosity, we can use the tape paste items quickly opened the retention, repeatedly paste to hand over a few times, until the viscosity decreased obviously, generally speaking, a good quality packing tape viscosity than qualitative almost packing tape is more wear-resisting, more durable adhesive. Another method is to judge by the appearance of the tape, observe whether gummed paper surface is smooth without buckling, under normal circumstances, just produce packing tape there will be more or less bubble phenomenon, and placed a week later, the basic will be dispersed bubbles, and mixed with packing tape, there will be a lot of irregular distribution of impurity of white spots, with the hand pressure can't dissipate.

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