The scope of butyl tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-07

tape wholesale of butyl tape, with good performance, so for its applicable scope, what are the?

butyl tape can be used in new construction of the roof waterproof, underground waterproof, structure construction joints of waterproof processing, as well as high polymer waterproofing lap seal. Can also be used for color contour plate juncture place airtight, waterproof, shock absorption. Municipal engineering of metro tunnel structure construction joint sealing waterproof processing. Steel structure construction meet the waterproof seal of place in the processing. If is the butyl of compound aluminum foil tape, also suitable for all kinds of civil roof, color steel, steel structure, such as waterproof sealing waterproofing materials.

in addition, butyl tape can also be used to glue sealing processing in car assembly. Butyl tape good using effect has made it one of the most popular products to tape.

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