The use of foam tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-11

tape factory, foam tapes are made from EVA or PE foam as base material on its side or two sides are coated with solvent ( Pressure sensitive adhesive paper again to mold manufacturing and become, have the function of the sealing, shock absorption, today we are going to understand the use of foam tape. First, before using foam tape paste clear sticky dust on the surface of the object, oil stains, and maintain dry, do not paste in the case of metope sounds very day damp, such as to paste the mirror surface, suggest to use alcohol clean surface adhesion; Second paste when working temperature should not be below 10 ℃, otherwise can use hair dryer suitable heating tape and paste surface; And foam tape in 24 hours after work, paste the tape as much as possible to compaction, paste the vertical bearing object such as a mirror, etc, under the condition of the two sides have been sticky, horizontal first 24 hours. Without this condition, the vertical adhesion, within 24 hours to the bearing object to hold, can better guarantee the foam tape bonding effect.

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