Double-sided adhesive removal of residual small coup

by:YITAP     2020-09-12
Adhesive tape manufacturers selling of double-sided adhesive quality is very good, sometimes we may leave some trace after use double-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive removal of residual below and share with you little tips. Remove double-sided tape, need to add a few ammonia with soap and a mixture of turpentine oil, can remove a lot of dirt and the glass surface more luster, This article is suitable for ceramic tile, ceramic, glass, etc. ) 。 When remove double-sided tape mark, whether it's used to light the water or vinegar, must let these supplies completely soaked two-sided glue mark, can easily remove oh. Can take a piece of dry cloth dipped in vinegar, to cover the entire trace double-sided tape, until the glue stains of double-sided tape after completely wet, can be easily eliminated with your ruler. Can also use a blower to soften the glue, weaker when double-sided tape glued to force, can be more easily removed. This is to introduce the related knowledge, if you want to learn more knowledge of welcome to continue to pay attention.
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