How to reasonable die cutting tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-10
Adhesive tape in the process of production, wholesale manufacturer to die cutting operation, let our professional know about the relevant matters needing attention. Steel wire pad of paper thickness, grooved Angle, a redundant rounded corners. Rule out way is timely replacement of steel wire pad of paper, increase the thickness of the steel wire pad of paper, trimming groove Angle; Steel wire pad of paper indentation slot stay too wide, the cardboard indentation location. Requirements in the 3 m tape production template indentation slot width to lien right; Row of knives, knife tightness is not appropriate. Steel wire is too tight, not at the bottom with the plate plane better contact, at the same time the in creasing, easy appear twisted; When copper is too loose, resulting in creasing around easily move. At the same time, we tape wholesale manufacturer to remind you that the 3 m tape for solid knife knife plate when its tightness should be appropriate, cannot appear dithering phenomenon. The template must be replaced when necessary.
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