How to solve the problem of belt production run

by:YITAP     2020-08-29
We in the production of adhesive tape of rubber belt run-out in May appear problem, then we will understand the knowledge related to solve together with adhesive tape manufacturer. To prevent printing belt running deviation, before installation, carefully check the quality of printing tape, if the quality of the products do not meet requirements shall be determined to return, also should pay attention to get Jane, since the tail, cleaning device and roller and other parts to give quality check, this is the first step in control side running deviation problem. No matter is the use of sulfide connection or the mechanical connection, its joint all to keep smooth, is two docking printing adhesive tape conveyer belt centerline to overlap, interface with the center line of the vertical position. We tape factory using high quality raw materials for tape production, ensure the quality of your usage, to a certain extent, solve the problem of belt running deviation, you can rest assured to buy.
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