Tape market analysis

by:YITAP     2020-08-12
Along with the social economy and the rapid increase of people's living standard, the tape has been completely let into all walks of life and the use of People's Daily life. Here are the tape factory introduction of tape market situation for everyone. National provincial cities and counties have wholesale market sales of tape products of various sizes that are building materials stores, hardware stores, fact, stationery shops, supermarkets have tape ( Printing tape, transparent tape, color tape) Up for sale. Widely used in food, medicine, cigarette household electrical appliances, daily chemical and other packing seal in almost every industry. E. g. by a medium sized regional city food production companies use to calculate words, every use of packing tape the least cost in more than ten yuan. A small and medium-sized city year tape market consumption is in ten million yuan of above. Widely used tape, usage, market potential is unlimited, is indeed of unemployment of come off sentry duty, second career choice of investing and 3 (superscript rd) industry.
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