Tape quality inspection standards

by:YITAP     2020-07-31
Tape we going on about the quality of the adhesive tape in use process has certain requirements, then we tape manufacturer is simple for you to introduce how to detect tape quality. Tape glue is good or not in use, there are two standards, one is the initial moisture, one is the retention, is inversely proportional to both. Generally in the viscous force of less than 10 less glue tape is accordance with teaching, generally only about 20 microns, such as stationery adhesive tape, ordinary promotional bundled with the tape. Normal packing tape at the beginning of the viscous force in 15 Between 20, generally speaking, there are 22 - the tape glue thickness 28 micron. The thickness is standard. But most of the tape on the market at present is mixed with the impurities, so the thickness increase, the impurities to cover, the glue is mixed with the pigments, so transparent tape will appear the egg yellow, light green, this tape is generally inferior. Adhesive tape factory here we can provide you with reliable quality products, to a certain extent, ensure the quality of your usage, we sincerely welcome you the presence.
Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. promises that we will manufature our products in accordance with the strictest quality standards.
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