The characteristics of various adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-12

wholesale products of all kinds of belt, characteristics also have different, the duct tape is waterproof, sticky stiff, construction is convenient, tear in addition to no trace, also can be used in daily life, hardware, hook, stack storage belt fixed.

the masking tape coated with natural rubber, high temperature resistant, resistant to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft, residues of stripping force, etc. , are widely used in interior decoration, paint coverage, in addition to the cloth with soft nap, high-temperature paint, exterior wall decoration, really stone paint, diatom ooze, electronics and car splash protection protection, etc. PVC tape wear-resistant, acid, oil resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, good toughness, not easy fracture, which can be applied to tag, tag workshop warehouse area, 5 s position mark, hazardous area warning label, etc.

PVC insulation tapes, viscosity, good insulation performance is good, insulating tape with good insulation withstand voltage, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics, suitable for electrical appliances product, all kinds of wire and cable insulation, automotive wiring harness, etc.

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