The necessity of recovering waste tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-25

today, with the rapid development of all walks of life, in the use of tape is more and more big, mainly concentrated in the express package, transportation and other industries, create constant pressure to the environment, so the tape manufacturer distributor recommendations must recycle waste tape. Recycling tape facing many problems, but it is imperative that one is recycling difficult problem: express in the packaging carton recycling utilization rate is not high, most people are directly away, Courier companies can only recycling secondary utilization of carton; And heavy pollution, a large number of plastic bags, adhesive tape, foam filler recovery rate is lower, these things may be sent to waste plant burning or landfill, damage to the soil, air and substandard products, in order to reduce costs, many small manufacturer chooses the quality of the raw material itself exists problems, reusing the tape in the late recovery, cause more trouble.

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