The relevant knowledge of the different tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-05

there are a lot of product type in the tape wholesale, before we choose, should have made sure that the common thing in life is to transparent adhesive tape, transparent tape also has the choice of two colors, one kind is completely transparent, and the other is a slightly yellow tape.

custom tape is also very common, and some big domestic companies can choose custom tape, such as some brands or playing merchants can choose custom tape, so can very good highlight the strength of businesses and brands. In a lot of time on the road sign is not very clear or under construction, can make use of warning tape used for marking, to avoid problems. And the application of the foam tape is more extensive, when decorate, want to hang in the home pictures or photographs, ordinary stick tape can't immediately, and some glue stick no immediate effect, so can be fixed with foam tape first, then using the second fixed structural adhesive, so as to ensure the safety of completely.

in addition, there are vegetables, special tape, electrical tape, double-sided tape, stationery tape, adhesive tape, cream-colored color printing tape, wood adhesive tape, and many other types.

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