The tape of shallow stored properly

by:YITAP     2020-08-17

tape factory products believes everyone not unfamiliar, often can see in our daily life, we are in the use of adhesive tape, sometimes found that the viscosity is not the ideal situation, this is because the store has a problem, then we have to get to know the product knowledge of stored properly. First is the temperature problem, tape storage temperature should be in 15 - factory suggestion 38 ℃ between, use up is not easy to cause, and contrast with reaching better low temperature part; Next we want to know is that the environment will cause the tape aging, such as oxygen, ultraviolet light, metal, especially the brass or rust, bleach, etc can cause gum degradation under the influence of environment for a long time, softening, curing, loss of viscosity, so choose appropriate use period depending on the type of adhesive tape and storage environment and the condition is very important. Tape and stored when not in extrusion, can appear otherwise tape volume and color difference between the two, and should be placed in rolls, not fold, storage time is too long should flip every time, I hope the above content will be helpful to you.

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