The thickness of the transparent tape is analysed

by:YITAP     2020-08-17

tape factory told us, in fact, the viscosity of transparent adhesive tape is mainly of three indicators, is at the beginning of its viscosity, viscosity, and peel strength, today we are going to understand scotch tape thickness identification of related knowledge. To small make up to understand knowledge, scotch tape thickness measurement is the basis of the manufacturing test projects, one of the other performance indicators and the thickness of the film, obviously, if a group of single layer film thickness is not uniform, not only will affect the tensile strength, barrier property, etc. , in all parts of the film more affects the follow-up of film processing; For composite membrane, the uniformity of the thickness is more important, only the overall thickness, thickness of each layer of the resin may even. Therefore, transparent adhesive tape film thickness is uniform and whether agree with the preset value, thickness deviation is within a specified range, these can all be transparent adhesive tape film has some characteristic parameters of the premise.
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