The use of packing tape performance

by:YITAP     2020-08-26

we from the choose and buy of packing tape, adhesive tape factory is mainly used for storage of goods, container shipping, etc. , then it has what kind of performance?

first, the effect of packing tape with instant glue, only need to use a small pressure, you can stick it well. Second, packing tape flexibility is good, and not on the edge of thick accumulation, it will not stimulate to the smoothness of the hand, then there will be no after remove the adhesive, with good solubility, and fracture resistance, resistance to bounce back, and so on. Third, the sealing tape from the coil top off easily, won't appear the phenomenon of tape drawing, also can have control. So, the performance of the adhesive tape is very good.

use this packing tape not only can well protect the goods, you can also play the role of propaganda and expand sales, is fully staffed.

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