The use of the tape cutter

by:YITAP     2020-08-11

tape wholesale and how the quality of the product, we must carefully check, and at the time of use, you need to use adhesive tape cutter, so how to correctly use?

must first open reel of tape cutter, put the whole roll of duct tape in adhesive tape cutter, with fixed core fixed tape rolls. And I will pull the front part of the whole roll of tape, let the tape from the bottom through the tape gap between front axle and bottom of the cutter, pay attention to in order to make the tape would be able to slide, please make sure that the tape with sticky side down. Again, it is the small squares, gently pull the tape front end pull down a tape, gently pull back on to the blade can cut the tape.

because tape cutter has certain flexibility, so can the be fond of according to oneself, tighten or loosen the belt tension adjustment button on the cutter.

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