Different from ordinary tape duct tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-25

tape with a wide variety of products in the wholesale, like duct tape has a unique applications, and some common tape what's the difference?

in appearance, the duct tape is easy to tear the cloth as the backing material, on the inside of the coating and the corresponding adhesive tape, appearance looks texture meticulous, there are all kinds of color points; But ordinary adhesive tape is different, generally refers to the transparent sealing tape, based on the material of this type is a transparent film, evenly coated in the inside propylene butyl glue for adhesive, and form of tape, so the two appearance seems to be not the same.

and on purpose, duct tape is mainly used to show the connection carpet, as well as outdoor pipe, plays a role of the some packing, etc. And ordinary adhesive tape adhesive tape is mainly sealing packaging.

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