Different material of double-sided tape do you have any good way to remove

by:YITAP     2020-09-06
Our normal office use double-sided tape on a but will be hard to go to remove in the body, but increase a lot of trouble. Adhesive tape in the wholesale of different material double-sided tape what are the skills and methods of the removal? Computer accessories or mobile phone and other things very vulnerable tags, can directly use the blade scrape down slowly, in some cases may need to be more thin blade, then used a razor blade. If label is larger, can use hair dryer auxiliary heating; Stick to the very thin plastic film on the adhesive tape or stick, heating is definitely not commonly, because will give blow to the deformation of the plastic film also. On glossy paper packing adhesive tape, use the blade scraping the beginning, tore down slowly by hand. If too slow, can use hair dryer slightly heating. So remove the practical situation of dynamics of double-sided adhesive tape, adhesive tape in the wholesale, we not only to recognize the differences between the adhesive tape products, more want to learn how to correctly use them.
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