For double sided tape quality inspection

by:YITAP     2020-08-28

tape factory can produce many kinds of tape products, suitable for different areas, and for double-sided tape, how to check the quality?

check whether there is a crack on double-sided tape, when cutting, if the cutting tool adjustment is not appropriate or not enough sharp edge, in the surface cracks on the bottom of the paper or paper, pull crack in fiber and adhesive stick. Can also check for burrs, double sided tape reel tape edge is bright and clean, no damage is the basis to ensure the quality of adhesive tape. Can also check whether edge double-sided tape adhesion, whether the bottom paper coated silicon leakage. In addition is to check the tape cutting end is straight, the tightness of rewinding.

if the drum double-sided tape cutting face not neat, not only affects the alignment of process, but also because of the die cutting waste difficult position change.

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