How to judge tape is good or bad

by:YITAP     2020-08-22

tape wholesale products on the market is various, this makes a lot of people when the choice dazzling, so should be how to judge its quality?

use eyes to observe, the surface is bright, quality is bad words, color won't too bright, mainly because some of the raw materials used by the manufacturer is inferior. Also depends on whether the tape is very fragile, generally speaking adhesive tape is not so easy to break, but there are some of the tape to the original film material is reworked material, although look is very thick, but it is easy to become brittle, a tear is broken the emergence of the phenomenon. Also look at tape between tight is not tight, so can very good guarantee the viscosity, if tape between each layer is too loose, so sure is relatively inferior.

and smell the adhesive tape, if the taste is very smelly, it shows that it glue has been bad, this kind of tape is not adhere to it.

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