How to remove the tape on the viscose

by:YITAP     2020-08-29

in people's study, work, production, life, more and more inseparable from the tape wholesale products, such as adhesion together, two is not connected to the object or fixed something, etc. , are used tape.

but sometimes, tape may cause mild problems, how to remove objects on tape viscose has become a big problem. Actually can use alcohol to remove viscose, some drops of alcohol on the cloth, where there is viscose wiped gently back and forth, wait a minute, viscose will become soft, then take off. Wind, like alcohol, as long as where there is glue on drop a few drops of wind, then wipe gently, can quickly remove the glue. Also can use special glue, to remove the glue, also can use a knife to gently scraping the mop, but take extra care, damage to the goods.

you can also use transparent adhesive tape, strong viscous force of transparent tape on the adhesive, and a tear, can bring viscose, but should pay attention to what is in the object to use, easy to rotten try not to use the object.

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