Packing tape wholesale should take into account the following basic principles

by:YITAP     2020-08-27
Fixed ability and flexibility, good packing tape in every field plays a great role, in the packing tape wholesale should also take into account some basic principles to ensure the quality. Packing tape on the back of material have prevent solvent penetration, namely the solvent resistance; Which won't leave adhesive packing tape from the transfer of resistance; Packing tape feels very smooth, press will not stimulate the hand with the hand, namely smoothness; Packing tape in a controlled manner and pull away from the coil, neither too loose nor too tight, can have control. Packing tape easy to tear off from the coil, and there will be no tape stretched and the phenomenon of drag, that is not easy to tear. Packing tape should also can easily adapt to snap the shape of the curve, namely, soft, so in packing tape, wholesale, to two or morethings and focuses on the above principle is a necessary.
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