Tape in the wholesale in the form of which products are the most common

by:YITAP     2020-08-09
We know there are many kinds of tape, one of the most contact with our for its office stationery tape and adhesive tape. Tape in the wholesale in the form of which products are the most common? Packing tape posted a smooth, suitable for general sealing pastes and fixed and ultra-low temperature environment of the packaging and fixed; The masking tape has no incomplete glue, easy to use, widely used in high temperature environment, the spray paint protection processing of normal temperature environment; Double-sided tape with viscous force strong, cold resistance is strong, good break, not metamorphic characteristics, suitable for food packaging, office stationery, bags, clothing, hardware and other manufacturing and processing of paper paste. In addition to all this tape wholesale, PVC electrical tape, duct tape, aluminum foil tape, stationery tape is common, and on the basis of function, market penetration and base material, in the form of tape is different.
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