Tape the influence factors of durability

by:YITAP     2020-07-30

general wholesale for adhesive tape products, requires high temperature resistance, cold resistance, light resistance, water proofing property, electrical insulation and resistance to climate, etc.

for tape durability test is very important, such as tape joint aging, can be seen as the outside world under the influence of physical conditions, the performance of a process change, the reason will appear such problems, is mainly affected by the chemical and physical effects and materials itself. In general tape on the surface of the aging faster than internal aging, including physical effect refers to the solar-thermal conditions under the influence, such as tape sticky sticky on the surface of the drop, exposed to the air will be faster, and the humidity and temperature is the most prominent effect on tape persistence.

although process conditions can produce great influence to the quality of the tape, but the most fundamental, or see what kind of raw material manufacturers use, this is the basis for the production of high-quality adhesive tape.

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