Tape the scar removal method

by:YITAP     2020-08-02

tape wholesale products offered great help in many ways, and some adhesive tape in use after, for its residual marks should be how to remove?

if the area is not large, can consider to use rubber, have expired armguard protects skin to taste in the home, can also apply it on the rubber surface, because the added tape of bound water, so the viscosity is reduced, the effect of removing trace very well. Also can use soap to add a few ammonia with a mixture of turpentine oil, remove a lot of dirt, and the glass surface more luster. Can also use the viscous good cellophane tape sticking to tear repeatedly, can remove some of the surface, or is a just wipe off with a little letter sodium water, also can use paint thinners. And dry with hair dryer, and then gently scrape, dip in with cotton nail polish remover is wiped, wind is wiped. Use special cleaner or sneakers wipe decontamination creams can too.

if it is left for a long time, have to harden the words, you can use hot towel first try again to make it soft, can again on the water first, again with a small blade shave their.

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