The analysis of the durability of adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-28

choose products in adhesive tape factory, we can see its brightness, generally inferior tape color will be dark, this kind of tape fracture probability is very high, strength is poor, is not easy to choose and buy.

and then, on the durability of adhesive tape is mainly requirements with high temperature resistance, cold resistance, light resistance, water proofing property, electrical insulation and resistance to climate, etc. , these requirements make tape in all areas of application, all play a different purpose. Tape joint aging, can be seen as in the outside world under the influence of physical conditions, the performance of a process change, and the reasons for such problems, affects mainly include chemical, physical and material itself, a general internal aging faster than the surface of the adhesive tape aging.

we can know that the physical effect refers to the solar-thermal conditions under the influence, such as tape sticky sticky on the surface of the drop, exposed to the air will be faster, heat and humidity, and is the most prominent effect on the durability of adhesive tape.

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