The introduction of the basic tape production cost

by:YITAP     2020-09-09
Tape production has a certain cost requirements, then we will follow the tape wholesale manufacturers together to know about the basic tape production cost. A common 48 mm * 60 meters of tape cost is as follows: paper tube about 1. 6 yuan/m, 48 mm about 0. 077 yuan a, a about 3 carton. 5 yuan, a box can hold 144 left, plastic bags, Now many manufacturers have not) 0. 02 yuan/a right, the average volume is about 0. 025 yuan, this little arrow paper, can not. Additional electricity ( If full ten hours a day, a month's worth of electricity is about 300 yuan. ) 。 Manual workers, generally one can work, but want to work with high efficiency, it is best to a machine two workers. ( Salary depending on the local level) 。 In brief, comprehensive direction factors, each volume probably cost is zero. 12 yuan. Different tape wholesale manufacturer production tape has some different, so the price has some different, we are here to provide you with affordable quality products, welcome you to come to consult the purchase.
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