The invention of the tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-09

tape wholesale and we are not strange, because the tape is ubiquitous in our lives, tape is consists of two parts, the base material and adhesive, adhesive by connecting two or more not objects together. On its surface coated with a layer of adhesive. It provides a lot of convenience to our life, that what he was found?

Richard drew 1928, Sao Paulo, Minnesota, USA on May 30, 1928 in Britain and the United States, drew developed a very light, the pressure to the adhesive, the first attempt is not sticky, thus drew was told: 'take it back to you the Scotland boss, asked them to put some glue! '( 'Scotland' mean 'cheap'. But, during the great depression, people found hundreds of USES for this tape, supplement from clothing to protect touch broken eggs of great value in it.

the invention of the tape is not accidental, it is a product of social development, it also reflects our human wisdom is infinite.

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