The main characteristics of the aluminum foil glass fiber cloth tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-08

in tape wholesale, there is a kind of aluminum foil glass fiber cloth tape products, what are its main characteristics, it is then we need to know.

corrosion resistance is greatly increased, the surface of the aluminum foil glass fiber cloth tape will be treated with special anticorrosive coating, corrosion resistant performance has improved greatly, and at the same time using polyethylene hot legal, instead of the compound adhesive, avoiding the complex adhesive residue caused by water or solvent in the process of aluminum foil surface corrosion of mildew of hidden dangers. Because in the middle of the aluminum foil glass fiber cloth tape than the general heat sealing polyethylene layer cover thickness, water vapor permeability, water vapor barrier effect better, therefore, reliable protection to the glass wool insulation, etc.

and its tensile strength is good, stick a face more smooth, reduce the probability of the aluminum foil surface damage, aluminum foil glass fiber cloth because of fine cloth, polyethylene layer thickness, cover more level off, the aluminum foil surface friction susceptible to damage, so as to better play the function of water vapor barrier.

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