The use of transparent adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-07-26
Spring is coming, everyone put on fresh sweater, but how quickly the sweater I bought last year is full of hair bulb? So how to deal with? The usefulness of this time can play a tape, just below the tape factory will teach you a recruit is simple and economical to remove sweater on the bulb. We just need to prepare a roll of ordinary scotch tape and a full of hair bulb sweater. First, we put the hair bulb gathering in the sweater, the sweater again paving, took out the prepared adhesive tape, as MAO qiu congregate, smooth. Later, and then put the transparent tape, tear apart the opposite direction to grow from the hair bulb. Repeat the above steps several times, sweater on the bulb will be cleaned up. Our sweaters and can become as good as new. Small transparent adhesive tape, as long as you can imagine, can have big use. That is to introduce the relevant knowledge about the tape use the tape factory in the production of various types of tape, we welcome everybody to choose cooperation.
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