How much longer for tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-29

tape factory to remind us that if it is a long time storage tape, need to pay attention to the following content. The first tape should be on the drum, do not fold, and when the storage time is too long, should be once every quarter turn. And when loading and unloading conveyer belt, should use crane, and smooth lifting beam rigging, prevent damage belt marginal, don't random loading and unloading, the form loose swing the sleeve; And the kinds of adhesive tape, the standard should be according to the need of using reasonable selection and specific conditions, do not allow the cohesive strength of different types, different standards, and layer fabric tape, conveyor belt joint optimization of it is hot vulcanization, high reliability and useful strength to progress. Also, should prevent wear and tear on the tape, and cleanliness is important index reflect the performance of adhesive tape, when there is early damage on tape in the process of using, it is necessary to discover the cause and correction, to prevent adverse consequences.

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