How to prevent the tape break

by:YITAP     2020-08-21

tape wholesale all kinds of products, but in the process of the use of adhesive tape, can appear sometimes fracture, how to prevent this?

at the time of tape out of the box, not directly with the knife slit in the middle, and from both ends open, not too deep under the knife, carton thickness is very thin, the knife is too hard, will be cut to the above contact adhesive tape, adhesive tape a little scar, the whole volume is discarded, so at the time of unpacking, must pay attention to, avoid contact point or sharp objects with adhesive tape. In the process of using tape, colloid also have sharp stuff can't contact, tape is fragile, do not have damage.

actually tape is also very fragile, not to touch with sharp objects, otherwise it would be easy to break phenomenon, these are very important.

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