How to remove traces of adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-12

tape wholesale products in use may leave some trace, this should be how to clean up? This is we need to seriously to understand.

you can use the eraser to remove traces cellophane tape, is very effective, but it is only suitable for traces of a small scale. Also can use a wet towel, this method is simple, is to use a wet towel soaked with offset printing, and then slowly to wipe, but this method is limited to not afraid of wet places. Then wipe with alcohol, and in this way, must be determined in advance by wiping places are not afraid to rub off, cloth glued on alcohol to wipe, slowly after until erase. And ordinary nail polish remover because there are chemical composition, so the effect of removing trace cellophane tape also is very good.

if you have already left black mark, you can apply some above in home of white oil, reoccupy cloth wipe, clean with clear water. If there is no white oil, home can use such things as wind or drop preview, inunction repeatedly.

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