Production of raw materials of adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-31

wholesale on tape, for the requirements of the product's quality is very high, and in the process of adhesive tape production, raw materials play an important role.

for the same kind of adhesive tape, if its molecular weight and molecular weight distribution is different, its composition is also different, produce adhesive tape, the processability and mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties, etc. , will be different. In the production of adhesive tape, the polymer mixed with some additives according to certain proportion, to achieve the goal of improving the performance of adhesive tape in some ways. Like in the raw materials of polyethylene, can add some lubricants, so that we can smooth of tape slight improvements; In the process of the polyethylene film, must to add stabilizer, in case of polyethylene decompose because the temperature was too high.

both make something, is there will be a formula, so the production of adhesive tape is not exceptional also, for the raw materials must be in accordance with the right proportion of compound.

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