Tape quality identification method

by:YITAP     2020-07-29
Tape also has expiration, some adhesive tape wholesalers in order to seek profits shoddy, selling some expired products, so we must master the distinguish method of tape quality. And the methodology is relatively simple to identify sticky pinched and fast, can pull on one side of the glue out, you can see the purity of the original film and transparency. Through these two points can be to identify the quality of the adhesive tape, high transparency and purity of good quality. Then there is can see the thickness of glue, if there is no glue is opened or dot, this kind of glue is generally a large number of impurities, glue no cohesion, or is too much water and have evaporated. At the beginning of this tape viscous force has fallen very much, the quality is poor, by hand can be distinguished.
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