The characteristics of sealing tape performance in what aspects

by:YITAP     2020-08-26

common product is packing tape, adhesive tape factory because of thin thickness, good cost performance, transparent appearance, non-toxic tasteless, good safety, easy to use, and has been widely applied.

on the characteristics of the packing tape, is an instant adhesive force, is refers to packing tape stick namely namely; Fixed ability, refers to the pressure, even if only a small can also according to your idea the cementation on the workpiece; Easy to tear, easy to tear off from the coil, and won't have tape stretched and drag the phenomenon; Can be controlled, is mainly refers to the packing tape in a controlled manner and pull away from the coil, neither too loose nor too tight; Kindliness, is packing tape can easily adapt to snap the shape of the curve.

in addition, the packing tape with will not leave the edge of the thick accumulation, and the buffer strength high, with good retraction rate, and laceration resistant performance is very good.
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