The design of the tape of the production process

by:YITAP     2020-09-01

tape factory could produce the warning tape, electrical tape, packing tape, and other types of products, the general design and production process?

the first products into a single product to enter the conveyor line, again through feeding device into the mold. Due to the shape and diameter of the product is not unified, so the set of marking machine requires a high degree of accuracy. According to many years of production experience, the current world has appeared double positioning guide to send system can solve such problems, makes the percent of pass is ninety-nine percent. 9. Aluminum foil tape, if it is due to shrinkage itself particularity and use electric heating, electric heating are steam contraction is difficult to control, however, will appear wrinkles uneven heating the eddies, wait for a phenomenon. Moreover the product diameter is not unified, in choosing a size on the label and is much larger than normal.

USES synchronized feeding device is even, so the tape for material will be more stable, automatic alarm and linkage control solved the problem of the failure of machine work.

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