The use of butyl seal adhesive tape and its advantages

by:YITAP     2020-09-07

butyl sealing tape, adhesive tape factory also has a very important role in use, can according to the metal plate type or joint clearance, seam width, according to the requirements of engineering design, choose the sizes.

when using butyl sealing tape, you would have a metal plate joint part is wiped clean. We will begin the metal plate at one end, the butyl tape slowly opened into a straight line along the joint sealing tape on the lower plate on it, and then gently press the tape with the hand, with the strong metal binding. Tear butyl sealing tape on isolation the paper above, the interface of the upper press plate into the junction, seams bond order after extrusion, make strong joint binding, tightly closed. Up and down again. Tighten screw, make sealing tape bonding surface bond tightly.

and on the advantages of butyl seal tape, it has good mechanical properties, high bond strength, tensile strength, elasticity, good extension performance, can keep the permanent flexibility, for deformation and cracking adaptable interface, can bear a certain degree of displacement; And good waterproof impermeability and resistance to chemical corrosion, and the application of reliable performance.

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