Different adhesive tape products using range

by:YITAP     2020-09-05

tape manufacturer produces tape, because of its raw material is different, also have different scope of use, as well as the characteristics, together we look at the below:

first, acrylic foam tape, acrylic foam body, acrylic adhesive, comprehensive performance is superior tape polyethylene tape without plasticizer of PVC film base material, good low temperature resistance, good initial adhesion, easy cutting shape. Second, high strength fiber tape, high performance fiber tape, this kind of PE tape available raw materials and various packaging fixed, bundling, special adhesive glue. And polyester tape, polyester film base material, good insulation, adhesive glue sex, the PE tape material high temperature resistant, solvent resistance performance is good, suitable for application in electronics industry.

tape manufacturer can provide you with a variety of adhesive tape products, and in the process of using, to ensure the quality of the use of the tape.

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