Note for conductive tape storage

by:YITAP     2020-08-17

tape factory said, should not only guarantee the appearance of the tape, and ensure that the performance of the adhesive tape, so for the conductive adhesive tape should be how to store?

in the natural environment under the condition of low magnetic conductive tape when using, must pay attention to put the tape in room temperature in the normal and comfortable environment, to ensure that run in the normal temperature for 3 hours, before use. If it is a conductive adhesive tape after the packaged products, products to the right on the wrapping paper in the box, and conductive adhesive tape remember when stored in a cool place for storage. Can't let the conductive adhesive under high temperature, also cannot be used in the case of high humidity. Conductive adhesive tape at the same time there is a shelf life, if more than shelf life, don't use anymore.

sometimes classified according to the conductivity of tape, part of the product is conductive, have part of the tape is not conductive, and we are in largely need to consider when buying tape insulation performance of the adhesive tape.

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