The knowledge of the high temperature textured paper tape is introduced

by:YITAP     2020-07-24

tape wholesale in the high temperature textured paper tape, electronic components, mainly used in capacitor its characteristic has a lot of, use effect is good too.

we can understand the first thing is, high-temperature crepe tapes are made from crepe paper as the backing material, then coated with pressure sensitive adhesive and special made, protective, fixed, heat-resistant properties such as adhesive tape. Then, high-temperature crepe tape with easy tear, high adhesion, different temperature resistance, no adhesive residue, high adhesiveness, good flexibility, easy to remove, no pollution and so on characteristics. In addition, when used at room temperature, high temperature textured tape is suitable for the decoration decoration, paint, paint, color separation, shelter and electronics industry.

knowledge for high temperature textured paper tape, I believe you must have to know something about, also can choose according to need.

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